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100+ Pages about dogs including dog breeds, dog training, and dog sports information. The Dog Word is your one stop dog shop for everything you need to know about dogs! This website is dedicated to assisting dog parents understand their furry friends just a little better. The Dog Word aims to provide you with a source of information to live a happy and harmonious life with your pup.


Dog Breeds

Soon you'll find 100+ dog breeds and learn all about dogs.


Our Dog Breed pages include information about the breed appearance with photos, info about the origin, personality, energy and trainability, and so much more. Identifying breed traits can make all the difference when determining what kind of puppy you should get. Find out more about the furry members of your family and maybe you’ll understand why they do what they do a little better.


Labrador Retriever sitting on a bed

Labrador Retriever

Chihuahua laying down


Siberian Husky Face

Siberian Husky

Two pugs playing together

More Breeds

Dog Training

All the information you need to properly train your pup.

Dog swimming towards its stick in water

Every owner has to learn how to train their dogs in obedience and to do certain tasks when asked. Our training section includes tips and tricks, how to’s, command training help, and training games that even the whole family can get in on.

Dog Sports & Competition

Learn all about dog sports and competitions.


Learn all about the different dog sports and competitions that you can compete in or just enjoy watching at a local show. There are diverse ways to engage in competition with your dog, check it out here.


dog walking on a leash looking up at its handler

The Dog Word e-Books

Check out our e-books to learn everything we have to offer about dogs.


Download our e-books to your phone or an ipad/tablet and enjoy the perks of having The Dog Word knowledge in-ebook form. After you learn all about dogs on this site, cozy up with your favourite beverage and dive into our puppy names e-book and find that perfect name for your new pup.

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