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About Us: Message from the Creator

My name is Tanisha Eileen Hamelin and I am the owner and creator of The Dog Word. This website was an idea I had around 2012 and has evolved since then. Even from the beginning the goal was clear: The Dog Word is, all about dogs. It’s the one stop shop for all your doggy needs when it comes to knowledge about training and generally having a dog.

I personally have always really had a love for all animals, but dogs specifically. I just couldn’t imagine living a life without at least one close by. The presence of a dog in your home makes the home feel alive, even if there is just one human living there. I appreciate them not just for their presence but for their unique personalities. I love the joyful and excited approach they take to life. Yet I know that having a dog is not a small task and requires a level of knowledge, patience, and understanding to achieve that harmonious existence together.

So this site is really meant for the pet owner who wants to know a bit more about having a dog and dogs in general. For the satisfaction of a happy life for oneself but also for one’s own dog, we need to understand them a bit better. When I think about what someone who wants to adopt a dog or who has a dog already needs to know, I came up with the following categories:

Dog Breeds – I believe knowing about a dog's breed can really help an owner understand their dog a lot better. When you learn common information about their breed type it can explain behaviours and give you a start on how to correct unwanted behavior.

Training information – Dogs are like children and they need to be taught. Most of the time they are pretty intuitive and will easily be able to adapt to what we want no matter how we approach teaching. It always helps to have a starting point, however.

Sports & Competitions – One of the joys of having a dog, especially a working dog or high energy dog, is that you can enhance your relationship with that of competition. A lot of competitions are really about the fun of it. There doesn't have to be a lot of pressure to win. Yet working towards a common goal culminating in a competition or tournament can be extra rewarding.

Health information – Even if your dog is healthy there are some important things you can and should know about the health of your dog. This includes common information about vaccinations, dental health, spay and neutering, and common age or genetic related problems.

I am not a veterinarian and so the information I present on my website is more common knowledge and meant to be helpful. I provide links to other websites throughout my site where I feel it is helpful. An example is linking to the breed standard pages for either the AKC, CKC, Kennel Club (Uk), or the FCI. The Dog Word is really meant for dog owners of all types– it is meant for you to be able to find out all you need to know and access it in a (hopefully) neat and tidy, user friendly package.

If you are an organization and would like me to list your information on one of our pages, like if you are a breed specific rescue group, you can use our contact form. Please include your organization name, a link to your website or fb page, contact details, and which page on our website you want your information included. I will do my best to accommodate these requests.

I do participate in google adsense program as a way of making revenue. If you would like to understand more about that please check out my privacy policy. Thank you for visiting!

Lots of Love,

Tanisha Eileen Hamelin

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