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Airedale Terrier

Learn all about the Airedale Terrier including information about the breeds personality, appearance, Energy level, training ability, and so much more.

Airedale Terrier General Description

Brief History

The Airedale Terrier is commonly referred to as the King of Terriers and is the largest of the terrier breeds. It was originally bred for hunting otters in its native area, England. However it has also been used as a working dog, specifically as a police dog. Nowadays, the Airedale Terrier is also known as a companion dog and rightfully so. It has a pleasant personality with a never ending satisfaction for affection. These dogs prefer to be close to their families and don’t like to be left alone too much.

The Airedale Terrier

Country of Origin



City Dog

Farm Living

Good With Children

Average Lifespan

Average 11 Years

Average Litter Size

7 - 9 puppies

Breed Group


The Airedale Terrier Appearance

Size, Height, and Weight

Large Dog Breed


50 - 70 pounds,

Approximately 23 inches tall or a little less


50 - 70 pounds, Approximately 23 inches tall


Length: Medium

Hypoallergenic: Yes  

Grooming Requirements:

Clipping Required

Daily Brushing

Coat Colors:

Red, Saddle (Black mixed with grey and white)

Airedale Terrier Breed Information

The Airedale Terrier Personality








Loyal to the family








Friendliness Towards other Dogs

Friendly – this breed tends to prefer being around other dogs.

Friendliness Towards Strangers

Friendly – This breed tends to enjoy the presence of, and meeting, strangers.

Friendliness towards other Pets

Friendly – this breed tends to be friendly with cats and other animals.

Airedales do well with other pets, especially the ones they are raised with, however they have been known for a tendency to chase animals. This can be attributed to a herding instinct some Airedales display. Therefore early socialization and deterrence of this behavior right from the start will be extra beneficial with small animals, like cats.

Airedale Terrier Energy & Trainability

Energy Level

Medium Energy/Medium Exercise Needs – This breed requires some attention but not constant stimulation. A daily walk can keep them happy and content. A yard and a walk are important to prevent unwanted behaviors.


Intermediate - This breed tends to take a little extra time and effort to learn commands and expectations. 

Airedale Terrier Additional Information

Tips for Raising Your Airedale Terrier

As with all dog breeds, it is important to not over exercise a puppy. They grow quickly and too much pressure on their joints can cause issues later on in life.  Wait until your puppy is at least a year old before you take them on any lengthy hikes or runs.

Airedale Terrier Rescue and Shelters

Airedale Terrier Club of Canada

AireCanada Airedale Rescue Network

Airedale Terrier Breed Information

If you are a rescue organization and would like to see your information on this page or on our CAN Adoption and Rescue Organizations List, please use the contact us form and provide:

-   The organization name, Web Site URL, breed/page you would like your site listed, and city and province of shelter location if applicable.

Airedale Terrier Breed Information



Airedale Terrier Wikipedia Page

The CKC, AKC, the Kennel Club (UK) and the FCI pages linked to under registered breeds above.

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