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Learn all you need to know when it comes to the Akita breed information.

The Akita General Description

Overview and History

The Akita dog is easily respectable due to its distinct features, cautious nature, and intelligence. Its origin is Japan and for many years was used for dog fighting. It is also relied on for hunting bears, wild boar, and deer. Nowadays they are used as therapy dogs.

Country of Origin


Akita Breed Information


City Dog

Farm Living

Guide Dog

Guard Dog

Good With Children

Best With Families

Average Life Expectancy

Around 9-12 years

Average Litter Size

6 - 12 puppies

Breed Group

Working Dog – Hunting & Guarding

The Akita Appearance

Size, Height, and Weight

Large Breed

Height at Shoulders:

24 - 26 inches for females

26 - 28 inches for males


75- 90 pounds


Length: Medium

Hypoallergenic: No

Heavy Shedder

Grooming Requirements: Daily Brushing

Coat Colors: Red fawn, Sesame (red fawn hairs with black tips), Brindle, White

*Akita’s can have long coats (Due to a recessive gene), though it is not acceptable in the show ring

Akita Breed Information

Akita Personality







Loyal to the family

Loyal to the Pack Leader




Cautious with Strangers

Often Dominant Over Other Dogs, particularly of the same sex

Friendliness Towards other Dogs

Cautious – This breed tends to be more intolerant of other dogs. Regular socialization with other dogs from an early age is important to prevent unwanted behavior.

The Akita is know to have trouble with other dogs of the same gender. To prevent this early socialization as well as continual socialization with other dogs is important to prevent unwanted behavior.

Friendliness towards Other Pets

Cautious – This breed tends to be more intolerant of cats and other animals. Regular Socialization with other pets and animals from an early age is important to prevent unwanted behavior.

Friendliness Towards Strangers

Cautious – This breed tends to be aloof with strangers. Socialization with many new humans from a young age is important to preventing unwanted behavior.

Akita Energy & Trainability

Energy Level

Low Energy/Low Exercise Needs – This breed tends to have lower energy and therefore lower exercise requirements. Every dog needs to experience the outside world but these pooch’s won’t destroy furniture if you stay in for the day.

Due to it’s large size however, the Akita would benefit having access to a yard.


Advanced – This breed tends to require a more experienced, dedicated, and patient owner to learn and obey commands and expectations.

Akita Additional Information

Tips for Raising The Akita

Akita Dogs are like cats! they tend to clean their face after a meal and like to do it to other dog companions. They are also very mindful of their surroundings.

These dogs are naturally very cautious of strangers. Early socialization will make a difference, but it is important for people to respect the nature of this breed and allow them to be aloof, approaching when its comfortable for them.

As with all dog breeds, it is important to not over exercise a puppy. They grow quickly and too much pressure on their joints can cause issues later on in life.  Wait until your puppy is at least a year old before you take them on any lengthy hikes or runs.

Akita Rescue and Adoption Organizations

A Passion for Paws Akita Rescue in Southwest United States

If you are a rescue organization and would like to see your information on this page or on our CAN Adoption and Rescue Organizations List, please use the contact form and provide:

-   The organization name, Web Site URL, breed/page you would like your site listed, and city and province of shelter location if applicable.



Akita Wikipedia, CKC, AKC, FCI, and the Kennel Club

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