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Samoyed breed information for inquiring minds.

Samoyed General Description

Overview and History

The Samoyed is a beautiful medium sized dog, resembling a lion with its abundant and beautiful white or cream fluffy fur. It is well known for its versatility as a working dog and its thick coat which makes it ideal for cold winter conditions. It is also recognized for its black lips, which curl slightly at the corners to make it look as though it is smiling. It is one of the oldest domesticated breeds, originating in Siberia. The people who developed the Samoyed depended on them for survival and evidently treated them much like family, and Samoyed’s themselves love to be with their family. The Samoyed has a unique curly tail that touches his back unless he is relaxed.

Place of Origin


Samoyed Breed Information


Best Suited for Farm Living

Watch Dog

Tendency to Bark

Good with Children

Best With Families

Average Life Expectancy

12 – 13 Years


Breed Group

Working Dog – sled, herding, & hunting.

Registered Breed

(Links below are to the Breed Standard Page for each organization)

 FCI (The World Canine Organization)

Canadian Kennel Club

American Kennel Club

The Kennel Club (UK)

Samoyed Appearance

Size, Height, and Weight

Medium Breed

Height at the shoulders:

19 - 21 inches for females

21 - 23 1/2 inches for males


37 - 55 pounds for females

50 - 65 pounds for males

Samoyed Breed Information


Length: Long

Double Layer Coat

Undercoat is shorter dense fur meant to keep the Samoyed warm. This undercoat is shed once or twice seasonally each year.

Hypoallergenic: Yes

Heavy Shedder

Grooming Requirements:

Daily brushing required, especially during heavy shedding periods.

Coat Colors:

White, Light Beige

Samoyed Personality








Fond of People




Loyal to the family

Loyal to the Pack Leader



Friendly but stilly conservative


Friendliness Towards other Dogs

Friendly – this breed tends to prefer being around other dogs.

Friendliness towards other Pets

Friendly – this breed tends to be friendly with cats and other animals.

Friendliness Towards Strangers

Friendly – This breed tends to enjoy the presence of, and meeting, strangers.

Samoyed Energy and Trainability

Energy Level

High Energy/High Exercise Needs – This breed tends to have seemingly never-ending energy and won’t be satisfied with one short walk a day.

A large yard and daily run is a necessity with this breed. Expect to provide regular stimulation to prevent unwanted behaviors.

Training Ability

Easy - This breed tends to learn commands and expectations easily. Recommended for inexperienced owners.

Samoyed Breed Information Samoyed Breed Information

Samoyed Additional Information

Tips for Raising Your Samoyed

It is important to understand how attached a Samoyed becomes to its family.  They want to be actively involved in your life, and need to be otherwise they truly become unhappy.

Samoyeds are carefully groomed in the show ring, and plenty of brushing and grooming will be required on an owners part. A few minutes romping in a field or the woods and that appearance is a little more rugged. If your chief interest is in the appearance of a Samoyed, you need to recognize the work that goes into it.

As with all dog breeds, it is important to not over exercise a puppy. They grow quickly and too much pressure on their joints can cause issues later on in life.  Wait until your puppy is at least a year old before you take them on any lengthy hikes or runs.

Samoyed Rescue and Adoption Organizations

Kyser Bearr Samoyeds (Ontario, Canada)

San Francisco Samoyed Rescue (San Francisco, United States)

Samoyed Rescue of Texas

National Samoyed Rescue

If you are a rescue and adoption organization and would like to see your information on this page and/or on our CAN Rescue and Adoption Organizations List, please use the contact us form and provide:

-   The organization name, Web Site URL, breed/page you would like your site listed, and city and province of shelter location if applicable.



Samoyed WikipediaCKCAKCThe Kennel Club (UK), and the FCI.



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