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Registered Breeds

Find out about what it means to be a registered breed including about the organizations that do the registering.

A registered breed is one that is recognized by one of the national clubs. These clubs determine national breed standards and register local breeders who must meet their requirements. They provide access to a directory of these breeders for the public. Each club sets appearance and personality standards for each breed. They also typically require their registered breeders to do appropriate genetic testing on their pups and other steps to maintain healthy bloodlines. They often run show dog and agility competitions for purebreds.

Registered Breeds

There are plenty of reasons a person might want a purebred dog. It could be because they want to raise a show dog to enter into competitions. They might be looking to train a dog for a specific job and don’t want to “water down” their instincts with another breed. Whatever the reason is, these clubs exists for people who are looking for a specific breed with specific traits.

The Clubs

We provide links to the Organizations breed page on our own breed pages for 4 clubs: the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC), the American Kennel Club (AKC), the Kennel Club (UK), and the World Canine Organization, or the Federation Cynologique Internationale. The FCI recognizes and regulates more breeds than the other clubs. There are actually tons of kennel clubs throughout the world or organizations that do very similar things.

You can check out the links below which take you to the websites for the 4 Organizations we tend to reference the most on The Dog Word website. Their websites include more detailed information particularly in relation to appearance for each of the breeds they register. They also include other information in regards to registering with them, breeding, as well as dog competitions they host or regulate.

The World Canine Organization (the Federation Cynoligique Internationale)

The Canadian Kennel Club

The American Kennel Club

The Kennel Club (UK)


A Higher Standard

Registered breeders are typically held to a higher standard due to having to follow and adhere to club regulations. The health and general wellbeing of their dogs should be their top priority. It is also important for a breeder to weed out negative or aggressive tendencies. There is also a conformation expected when it comes to breed-specific temperament and behavior of bloodlines.

For this reason many registered and purebred animals are more costly. Often breeders may require an interview process and even an at home visit. They are careful to adopt out their animals to someone who understand the breed and its special requirements if any. Often when purchasing from a registered breeder contracts involving rehoming and usually barring breeding of the pup(s) need to be signed.  

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