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Training Commands

Dog Training Commands is your go to for a step by step guide on how to train your pup or your dog to learn commands like no, sit, stay, come, and more.

Dog Training Commands

While dog training commands might not be priority # one, they are quite hand. Commands like “no” are a downright necessity to living a peaceful live with your pup. Other commands like “drop it” might not be a necessity but they are quite handy when your dog knows and responds. Command training for some dogs can take a bit of time, with regular practice session being a must. Some learn quickly and others may take some persistence and practice. However most dogs should be able to learn what you are trying to teach if you are persistent teaching them.

Dog Training Commands

Also different approaches work for different dogs. Factors like age and energy level come into place. Dogs with higher energy might have a tougher time concentrating and therefore learning when they are full of energy. Alternatively older dogs might take more practice and training or be the complete opposite- learning quickly and easily. You never really know what your pup is going to be like until you are there doing it. Then you can adjust your technique as needed, and with our suggestions, be on your way to instilling the important training commands for your pup.

What dog training commands should you start with?

There are some commands that are more important than others to teach our pups. This includes “No”, “Come”, and “Stay”.

No Command – Learning the command “no” can make the difference between not just frustrating and happy, but also life and death. About to eat a poisonous mushroom, it’s the command “no” that has stopped more than 1 dog from gobbling down, also saving on vet bills. 

Come Command – Ever noticed how happy a dog off leash is, wagging their tail and following their nose from tree to tree? “Come” command is super handy when that nose starts to take them across a road into oncoming traffic.

Stay Command – Stay is an obvious one. Its extra helpful when you want your dog to stay put.

Additional commands to teach your pup: 

Dog Training Commands

You can begin command training as soon as your puppy is 12 weeks old or with a dog of any age. Sometimes age isn’t really the most important factor but the temperament and nature of your specific dog.

Dog Training Commands

Teach your dog the no command and feel confident using the word "no" and expecting results.

Teach your pup the sit command quite easily with our instructions.

Teach your dog the come command so you can rely on their recall ability.

Teach your dog the stay command with our instructions and tips.

Teach your dog the drop it command and save yourself the trouble when they get ahold of something they shouldn't have.

learn how to teach your dog or puppy the leave it command.

Training and Play Games

Establish rules of engagement for tug of war and all dogs will enjoy a fun, safe game with you.

Have fun with a game of family recall which reinforces your dogs response to commands and gets the whole family involved.

Have a little fun by getting your dog(s) involved in a game of hide and seek.

Dog Training How To's

Housetraining a dog or a puppy is not difficult but it is a necessity. Find all the info you need to be successful at The Dog Word.

Pee pad training is not difficult if you have the time and use a few of the helpful tricks provided.

Learn all about crate training and how to get your dog comfortable in the crate.

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