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What to Train Your Dog

We go over what to train your dog and why you should start with these basics.

What To Train Your Dog

What to train your dog is an important question every pet owner should ask themselves. Often when people think of training, it includes the tricks like sit, shake a paw, and lay down. These should be the least of your concerns. First and fore most the training you have to focus on is creating positive traits and discouraging the negative ones. We have an extensive training section to help you adjust to life with a new puppy or dog. Create new, positive habits and change bad ones as needed. There is more than one way to train your pup, but we always focus positive dog training techniques.

What to Train a Dog

What to Train Your Dog

You’re probably wondering what you are going to have to focus on first with a new puppy or dog in your home. We suggest focusing on things like housetraining, leash training, and the
no” command. Depending on what your pup is like, you may find that you need some suggestions on play biting. We’ve got you covered:.

Essentials to Begin Training Right Away

Housetraining: Having a dog that does not defecate inside is not hard to achieve since dogs don’t like to go to the bathroom where they eat, sleep, and play. That doesn’t mean they won’t, however. We have suggestions on how to fix that and set the right habit from the beginning.

Dog Pad Training: Live in an apartment? Planning on being mostly indoors? Want to pad traing just to be safe? We can help you with that to.

Leash Training: If your dog is not comfortable on a leash it will become difficult to take them anywhere. We can help you with that initial resistance.

To be Gentle: We must teach our dogs to be calm around humans and other animals. This includes reminding them not to jump up and socializing them so they are comfortable around humans and other animals.

The Command “No”: Learning that “No” means “No” is essential to teach our dogs. When they recognize that no means don’t do that, training is easier as we are better able to discourage bad habits with clear instruction.

Stop Play Biting: It is natural for dogs to play bite, because this is how they play with each other. However if we do not discourage it from the beginning it can quickly become a problem.

What To Train Your Dog: Discourage Negative Traits

The negative traits are somewhat self-explanatory, but still important to think about. It is easy to make excuses and allow for bad behavior especially with puppies. We don’t realize that by allowing it we encourage the habit that is harder to break later on. Many people then often end up working around the behavior instead of fixing it. Teaching our dogs, however difficult it may seem, is always more than worth the effort.

Your Dog Will Thank You in the Long Run

In the long run, and he may not totally realize it, but your dog will thank you. Dogs never really seem to intend to harm others, especially when jumping up, or play biting. However the risk can be high and we still need to take the precautions to avoid it. Teaching your dog the right manners and etiquette around humans makes the best sense for him or her.

All Your Dog Really Wants

Being social and participating in your life is all most dogs really especially want. Right from the start, encouraging positive traits and discouraging negative traits through training is essential. You can easily make your dog’s dreams come true by training them from the start where they can be around the company of their humans with ease.

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