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Find how to’s, tips, and tricks on dog training including learning the basics, commands, and discover training games.

Dog Training

Having a dog is great and all but at one point or another you’ll have to ask yourself- how am I going to implement dog training? You might think that dog training applies to only teaching tricks and “extras” like sit, stay, or come. However you’ll quickly recognize that many dogs and especially puppies need to be taught the basics, like where to go to the bathroom.

Dog Training

It starts when you notice your puppy chewing a bit to much, or go pee indoors or in places unwanted. It becomes a real issue when we find furniture destroyed, or discover our dog is becoming aggressive towards strangers or loved ones. It doesn’t take very long whether you’re a new or seasoned dog parent to recognize that training is a necessity. Like most things there isn’t just one way to accomplish what you want – training a dog can be done in numerous ways with numerous approaches.

Dog Training: Check Out These Helpful Topics To Get Started

-       What To Train A Dog

-       How To’s

-       Training Commands


You Should Always Be In Dog Training Mode

Dog training is really largely about the owner and their consistency and behaviour and isn’t just once a day for 30 minutes.  It’s a 24 hour, always on watch to react in a way that creates a response we want from our dog. If you do not correct your puppy when it bites you every time, for example, it will be hard to train them not to bite. We need a consistent, thought out approach to how we interact with our dogs to create a consistent response from them.

Positive Dog Training Techniques

The techniques and suggestions you’ll find on this website are always in alignment with a positive dog training approach, where fear based or physically harmful techniques are never considered. I believe that a dog can be trained with consistent, persistent, and assertive techniques. Healthy, happy, and content dogs do not misbehave. Usually when there is a problem it can be corrected by the human understanding what we need to change for our dog to be that well behaved pooch we desire.

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Dog Training Commands is your go to for a step by step guide on how to train your pup or your dog to learn commands like no, sit, stay, come, and more.

Pee pad training is not difficult if you have the time and use a few of the helpful tricks provided.

We go over what to train your dog and why you should start with these basics.

Training How To's

Leash training is fairly simple and doesn't take much for our pups to forget about the leash and collar and become comfortable.

Learn to stop play biting using your natural advantage of how puppies interact together when they play.

Deter digging by understanding why your dog digs and the tips and tricks you can employ to prevent it.

Training Commands

Teach your dog the no command and feel confident using the word "no" and expecting results.

Teach your pup the sit command quite easily with our instructions.

Teach your dog the come command so you can rely on their recall ability.

Training and Play Games

Establish rules of engagement for tug of war and all dogs will enjoy a fun, safe game with you.

Have fun with a game of family recall which reinforces your dogs response to commands and gets the whole family involved.

Have a little fun by getting your dog(s) involved in a game of hide and seek.

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