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Hide and Seek

Have a little fun by getting your dog(s) involved in a game of hide and seek.

Hide and Seek is a great game to play for children, adults, and dogs alike. Kids love this game, and if you can get the family dog in on it, that’s even better. While some dogs might not understand what is expected of them at first. It won’t take long before they realize the name of the game and have just as much fun as whoever they are playing with.

Play Hide and Seek With Your Dog

It helps to have an adult or child stay back and either hold the dog or wait to release them to give the hiders time to hide. It can also help if this person asks them to go find the person they are looking for, teaching them the name of each child. This might come in handy to teach a dog if you have a kid who is ever hard to find. It would come in handy in any emergency situations as well.

How to Play Hide and Seek With Your Dog

1.     Have someone restrain the dog while another person goes off and hides. To teach the dog the point of the game at first, the person who is hiding shouldn’t go too far.

2.     When the one hiding is ready, they should call the dog, enticing the dog to look for them. As soon as that happens, the person waiting with the dog should ask them to “go find (name of person hiding)” and release them

3.     When the dog finds the one hiding, they should give them a treat and lots of praise to reinforce the fun of the game.

You will want to establish some sort of cue for playing this game. This will probably be the command to “Go Find” the person who is hiding. This will let your dog know, we are playing hide and seek. Once your dog learns to become the seeker and who they must seek, then the one hiding can go further and further. This can allow the human and dog to be seekers together, with the human counting to 20, or whatever, and then going searching. You can eventually stop relying on needing the hider to call for the dog, though it helps at first to establish the association of the command with what’s expected in the game. Dogs are intelligent though and will learn the nature of the game quickly and will have just as much as us humans do playing.

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