The Dog Word

Training Commands

Learn how to teach various training commands like no, sit, stay, come, and more.

Dog Training Commands

Teach your dog the no command and feel confident using the word "no" and expecting results.

Teach your pup the sit command quite easily with our instructions.

Teach your dog the come command so you can rely on their recall ability.

Teach your dog the stay command with our instructions and tips.

Teach your dog the drop it command and save yourself the trouble when they get ahold of something they shouldn't have.

learn how to teach your dog or puppy the leave it command.

Training and Play Games

Establish rules of engagement for tug of war and all dogs will enjoy a fun, safe game with you.

Have fun with a game of family recall which reinforces your dogs response to commands and gets the whole family involved.

Have a little fun by getting your dog(s) involved in a game of hide and seek.

Dog Training How To's

Housetraining a dog or a puppy is not difficult but it is a necessity, and we have all the info you need to be successful at it.

Dog pad training is not difficult if you have the time and use a few of our helpful tricks.

Learn all about crate training and how to get your dog comfortable in the crate.

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