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Drop It Command

Teach your dog the drop it command and save yourself the trouble when they get ahold of something they shouldn't have.

Teaching the drop it command will help in numerous situations and so will definitely come in handy. It will help when your dog has something he shouldn’t have, and you can ask him to drop it. It will also help if you want to teach them the game of fetch. Sometimes dogs like to play tug of war, and as a result will try to get you to take their toy from them, rather than give it up to keep playing the game.

Teach the Drop It Command

Use the drop it command as a means of keeping the game of fetch going. It is useful for a lot of reasons so start training your pup now and you will have a dog who always gets it when you say “drop it”. You can also use let it go instead of drop it, as long as you are consistent in the terminology. Exactly what you say doesn’t matter as much as the consistent practice of associating the same command over and over again with the behavior. It will also be useful to train drop it and then leave it together, since if you are asking them to drop it you want them to leave it also.

Teach the Drop It Command

1.     This is easier to teach when your dog has a favorite toy they are playing with, or loves to play with. You’ll also want to have a training treat on hand, since you’ll be offering it in exchange for the item they are playing with.

2.     When they have their favorite toy in their mouth, you can show them you have the treat.

3.     As soon as they drop the item they had to go for the treat say the command “drop it”. Be sure to get your timing right so they can associate the command with the action of dropping the item they had.

4.     You can offer them the item again, only to repeat the exercise. Eventually they will lose interest in the item, but you should practice often and with different things.

Training Schedule

Since teaching the drop it command relies on offering a treat in exchange for the item, it can help to wait until your pup is into playing with a specific toy, to start practicing this one. Of course any time your pup gets ahold of something they shouldn’t and doesn’t drop it with a stern “no”. You can use this technique of offering a treat and saying “drop it” as soon as they drop the item, to train them. Eventually you should be able to say drop it without having to offer a treat, and the behavior of dropping it will be automatic.

It will also be useful to train drop it and then leave it together, since if you are asking them to drop it you want them to leave it also.

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