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Deter Digging

Deter digging by understanding why your dog digs and the tips and tricks you can employ to prevent it.

Knowing how to deter dog digging is so important if you don’t want unsightly, walking hazards spread all throughout your yard. When your dog or puppy starts doing this, it becomes priority number one to stop it. To be able to do that, however, requires understanding why your dog is doing it. If you’ve got a new puppy or dog and you notice them digging, often this just requires a simple, assertive, “no”, maybe even a few times.

Deter Dog Digging

At this point its just a matter of being told. Not much should be required beyond catching them in the act and issuing the “no” command. If you don’t catch them in the act, they won’t necessarily associate the digging with the command. Since it is natural for a dog its just a rule they have to learn and we have to teach. It may have to be taught a few times at first, especially with a puppy, but your pup will learn.

However if you find that you consistently correct your dog but they continue to dig holes, especially when you aren’t around. This means your dog is likely doing this behaviour out of boredom and probably an excess of energy. Huskies are know to be diggers, and they are also known to be tireless. If you commit to having a dog like a Husky, you have to commit to fulfilling those energy needs. Otherwise you will have a dog that misbehaves not because it is trying to make you angry, but just out of a sense of boredom or need to do something.

If you know this is the case, however, than you can work to deter digging by preventing boredom while they are in the yard. Here are some suggestions for preventing boredom:

-       Provide a bone or chew toy that they only receive when they are spending time in the yard, so it maintains its appeal and distracts them. Alternatively, if your dog digs to hide their bones don’t give them in the yard. Replace with toys they won’t bury.

-       If your dog digs to escape, so specifically around the fence area, you can place down a metre wide wire over the grass. You can find this at a local hardware store. This will prevent them from digging. It can be inconvenient at first but you should be able to eventually take it away without the habit reoccurring.

-       Low energy dogs are generally more well behaved in the yard, so make sure you are walking or doing what is necessary to expel that extra energy to prevent unwanted behaviour.

-       If your dog likes to play fetch, get them an automatic ball thrower for dogs, like the iFetch, for outdoor use. Most dogs figure out how to use it easily and really love it if they enjoy ball play. It will distract them from digging and be a source to burn off extra energy.

-       Use a homemade remedy such as cayenne pepper and vinegar, or purchase a deterrent from a store, to use on spots where your pup has already dug.

All of these tricks can help you if your pup loves to dig but the biggest difference will likely be made by ensuring they get proper exercise outside of the yard.

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